Welcome to Ultimate Gaming!

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Welcome to Ultimate Gaming!

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:37 pm

Welcome to Ultimate Gaming. We are an online gaming community that is trying to bring back fun and respect to the online gaming experience.


Although the distinction may seem subtle, Ultimate Gaming identifies itself as a gaming “community” rather than a clan. As a “community” we are less concerned with producing skilled players and maintaining impressive winning streaks, and more focused on cultivating relationships, activity, leadership, and excitement. Although we have a rather large member base, our community is not concerned with being big for the sake of being big (or boasting for that matter). Retention of our membership stems from the enjoyment of other active friendly people to game with, and little to no pressure to perform or produce for a spot in the community.
This may seem strange to many outsiders, but we simply are dedicated to giving our members the best, lasting online experience possible. All this being said, Ultimate Gaming is not for everybody. There are many other great clans/communities to get involved with that may better cater to your personal goals or desires from that institution. There will be no discrimination made among potential membership in so far as the individual agrees to abide by the community guidelines.

What to do in Ultimate Gaming?

Ultimate Gaming breaks down into several sub-communities (which would then be called clans or branches) that function separately from each other. Each branch is lead by a commander that ensures the foundational principals of Ultimate Gaming are being upheld in the body of the community. Branches develop and organize game nights, practices, meetings, leadership classes, and many other events that are available for their members to interact with. Members are not confined to game only with their branch, but this system helps us to organize and place each person within a group to interact with. There are also various other programs to be involved with outside of one’s branch that still fall under the community umbrella. We have teams/groups for video production, graphic design, podcasting, active military members, female gamer, CoD Elite, minecraft forging, and Halo forging. We are always excited to see members express interest in furthering the community in all these areas and greatly appreciate the dedication of their talents.

Currently, we are established on one platform; Xbox 360. As new games are released that we are currently established in, our branches transfer over. When that new game releases, we continue to cater to members that may not have the newest game and keep a branch (or branches) in the older game. We are always looking to expand our boundaries across games and platforms, but only do so methodically to ensure success in the expansion. Obviously, members are not limited to one game or platform, we encourage playing other games and have dozens of groups in other games.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please contact one of our members. Our Majors can also assist in potential branch placement.

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