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Official Code of Conduct

Post by Solidsnake076 on Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:03 pm

Respect Each Other: Ultimate Gaming maintains a standard of respect among its members and other gamers. We respect the opinions of players, if they get offended by anything you are saying or doing you need to cease the conversation entirely or change the subject immediately. Continuing with the subject would be a breach of our "respect the gamer" policy. Please remember that we are a Mature Gaming Community and strive to make sure everyone is having a good time. The 3 Cornerstones of Ultimate Gaming are Honesty: above all else, no matter the outcomes. Fairness: what is good for 1 is good for all, and Integrity: Let your character and conscience be your guide. We ask that each member display them at all times.Act in a Sportsman like Manner: You need to respect the gamers that want to game legitimately. If you are wanting to boost, play match made private lobbies with boosters, make sure that all parties involved agree upon what you are proposing. If even one person in the lobby doesn't want to agree to the terms then you MAY NOT boost, You MAY NOT modify game files in any way shape or form. Modding” is strictly prohibited. You may not use any modified controllers, personal or professional devices such as a “lag-switch” or software in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Do not use any game glitches that would impact the game play or make scoring impossible for the opposing team. Respect The Community you help to Create: Ultimate Gaming has many institutional rules and regulations that help keep our community operational. Members are required to follow all rules. Members who leave “UG” on “bad terms or are are “banned from the Ultimate Gaming community, Your membership privileges and any items or content in its entirety are forfeit. Members who leave Ultimate Gaming on bad terms and/or are banned from the Ultimate Gaming community will be permanently expelled and will not be allowed to return. Bad terms is defined as, but not limited to, violating any policy or leaving the UG community without explanation. Only a Colonel has the authority to reverse a members ban. Members who are banned from the UG community may apply for a reinstatement appeal to the Colonels in a Colonels Meeting for a ruling and final decision on the reversal of their banned status. All respective parties must then present their case to the Colonels. After which the parties will leave the Colonels meeting so the Colonels can discuss the situation . The Colonels have 1 week to decide weather or not to reverse then ban please be patient A member may only leave Ultimate Gaming on good terms provided that they inform their commander and Major of their reasons prior to their departure and it is deemed by both the commander and Major to be on good terms. Members who leave UG on good terms, may apply for reinstatement to the UG community to be approved by the Major of the Branch that the member left from. Commanders cannot approve a past member to rejoin the UG Community under any circumstance. Members who have departed the Ultimate Gaming community on good terms must first notify and receive approval from their former Commander and then get final approval from their Major. Transfers: Members may request to transfer from one Ultimate Gaming Branch / Community to another. Members must first seek approval from their commander who will then ask the Major. The Major must then notify and seek the approval of the Major in the branch you wish to transfer too, who will ask the commander of the new branch if they will accept your transfer request .Then only if all involved parties agree to the transfer you will be allowed to join your new branch. Please be patient this can take so time to get a hold of all parties involved in this decision. The Chain of Command must be followed at all times during these procedures. If the procedures are not followed, the consequences for this infraction are demotion or removal from the Ultimate Gaming community. Only Ultimate gaming: Members of Ultimate Gaming are not allowed to be members of any other gaming community or clan. UG serves all members with many exclusive benefits and contests. Due to this, we ask every member support UG as it supports you. Casual association with another community or clan is allowed and is perfectly acceptable. Members who leave the UG community to join another gaming community or clan will be banned and forfeit all rights and privileges. Members are not allowed to be registered users on another gaming communities forums while they are in UG. Members that are found to be registered on another communities website / forums will have their accounts permanently removed and/banned from the Ultimate Gaming forums. Members below the rank of Commander may have no more than one (1) gamer tag in Ultimate Gaming at any one time. Commanders must receive permission from their Major before incorporating a second tag anywhere in Ultimate Gaming. Joining Ultimate Gaming: Anyone who is recruited into Ultimate Gaming must be given a recruiting speech that contains our code of conduct and rank structure. Recruits must be at least 17 years of age. Private's must register on the website within one (1) to three (3) days from the day of their recruitment. Private's must register using their gamer tag as their username & in the required field state which Ultimate Gaming branch they have joined. Accounts will not be activated unless the above-noted rules are followed. Forum accounts that are inactive for a period of 3 months or more will be removed. UG tags are available only to any full member of Ultimate Gaming (UG2 private and higher). You must inform the commander and Major in your branch that you are going to change your name and when you have completed that change.Procedures of Ultimate Gaming: Staff privileges will be given to a new commander upon promotion. Every branch/ community is required to have a minimum of one (1) scheduled meeting every week. Clan/ Branch reports must be sent in at least once a month, prior to the 1st of each month. No person of any rank is eligible to promote another person to that same rank. The only Exception exists at top ranks in Ultimate Gaming (I.E. The Colonels)Follow The Chain of Command: The Ultimate Gaming community members must follow the chain of command at all times. Members are asked to refer to a person of higher rank than yourself with any questions or issues that you may have. If the issue is not resolved, it goes to the next highest rank and will continue climbing the ranks until the situation has been resolved. Please be patient and civil when addressing a concern to other membersIn Conclusion: We would like to welcome and thank you for letting us be your only gaming community.


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