Official Rank Structure

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Official Rank Structure

Post by Solidsnake076 on Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:14 pm

Ultimate Gaming Follows a uniformed rank structure necessary for managing our members and the clan activities. Each rank has a given responsibility and a symbol that reflects that responsibility. You will be expected to keep your clan tag and/or symbol and motto correct at all times.Private – UG2 A private's only responsibility is to game with the clan and learn the rules of UG. Many members choose to stay at the rank of private as they do not have the time or interest in contributing to the management and extended activities of the clan. This is perfectly acceptable and respected by all members. You are not required to advance beyond private if you choose and can always do so at a later date. Privates are considered full members in UG and enjoy all the rights and privileges thereof - - To be promoted Register on forums, Attend 1 Leadership Class , have 5 post on Forums - Minimum: 2 week at this rankCorporal – UG3 At this rank you assist in the management of your squad through practices and meetings. Corporals also help guide the Private's in their Adjustment period. You also begin to learn the recruiting speech -To be promoted Give a speech(to recruit or LT.) Run a practice - Minimum: 3 weeks at this rankSergeant – UG4A sergeant manages squads and squad meetings and participate in Officer Meetings with their Lieutenants and Commander each week. They are quite capable at giving the speech and should be learning the responsibilities of an officer. To be promoted Attend at least 1 meeting a week and run 1 event a week - Minimum: 3 weeks (+ well-trained replacement)Master Sergeant – UG5A Master Sergeant is a Lieutenant in training. At this point they should be learning the job of a lieutenant, planning and holding meetings properly, and have a strong facility with recruiting speech. They assist in the training of lower-ranking members and watch for rule infractions and serious breaches of our Code of Conduct - To be promoted learn Roster System - Minimum: 1 week (this rank is considered a training rank, acknowledging the special accomplishment of those Sergeants who are nearly prepared for the responsibilities of Staff).Lieutenant – UG6 They organize clan activity, run meetings, give recruiting speeches, participate in the promotion of members and assist their commanders in the day to day operations of the clan. Lieutenants train members of all lower ranks, mediate conflict in the clan and maintain order within the clan and watch for rules infractions - Minimum: 1 month + well-trained replacement.Commander – UG7 Commanders manage an entire branch of UG (for instance UG Branch Name) is a branch managed by ( Commander's Name). They manage and maintain the standards of each clan such as promotions, removals and acknowledging UG tags. Commanders are the life-blood of the organization, and nearly every detail of maintaining the clan is within the bounds of their responsibility - Minimum: promotion will not be considered until Commander has shown facility managing 2 or more clans + well-trained replacement)The higher ranks manage the whole organization and are given special suffixes to their names to signify their rank.Major – UG8 A major is identified by the suffix “CM” at the end of their gamer tag. The “CM” stands for Council Member. Majors are directly responsible for overseeing multiple UG clans They offer guidance to commanders, approve clan transfers. Majors are held accountable for the actions of their clans, and will be relieved of their oversight in cases where their clans suffer significant mismanagement. Colonel - UG9 Colonels approve new clan branches, ensure Majors and Commanders are active, facilitate use of UG services among membership, manage company responsibilities and oversee all of UG. Colonels Identified by the suffix "HC" meaning High Council. There is also the Chief High Council or (CHC) will work towards keeping the clan moving in a positive direction by maintaining a level of accountability with Colonels. The CHC will have the authority to over ride a Colonels decision if needed but may not modify, replace, or implement clan policies. These will still be restricted to majority vote by the HC. This is not a permanent position, whom ever is elected to this position may retain this position for the period of one year.The CouncilThe Council is made up of the High Council and Council Members to make clan Policies and procedures as a collective to be voted on, without a single person in power.


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